Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Copic Marker tip

Ever wonder how to get really smooth blends with your Copic markers?
There's a trick. Do you wanna know what it is? Ok, but you can tell anybody. (looking around to see if anyone is listening ). Its call tip to tip blending. Really it is. I don't make this stuff up, well some of it but not this.

Here's what you do pick two colors you would like to blend to have blend together an fade into one another.
Start with some thing simple like blue and yellow or red and yellow. Take the tip of your yellow maker and rub it across the red or blue one. (Be sure to take the caps off it works better. Do ask me how I know that.)
Ok now look at the end of the yellow makers tip. There is some red or blue on there right.? Ok now start coloring with that part of the maker. A you color the color you "lifted" for the other maker will gradually run out creating a soft even blend. Pretty cool! You can repeat this process over and over to build up the color as you want or apply it over another area you have already colored.

Try it with a Colorless Blender and see what happens!

Try using this trick to blend colors together to make highlights and add depth to your creations.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wondering where I have been?

So where have I been? Well, between trying to get the new studio open, being sick off and on with a cold that just wouldn't go away and a car accident, and teaching a bunch of classes last this past week I have been kinda busy.  But I think I might find time in today or tomorrow to post a quick tip. So keep looking! Because I am back and ready to play, err I mean work!